Thursday , 8 June 2023

The National Paralympic Judo Championship was successfully completed

With the participation of nine athletes from three clubs, the national judo championship was held in the indoor gymnasium of Karyes, Ioannina. The matches that took place in the framework of the tournament organized by the Pan-Epirotic Athletic Club Anatoli, were honored by the presence of the Mayor of Zitsa, Michalis Pliakos.

The top three per category
+90 kg
1. Theoklitos Papachristos (Torch)
2. Stavros Proikos (Torch
3. Charalambos Tokatlidis (Torch)
-73 kg
1. Panagiotis Katsaros (Pyrros)
2. Panagiotis Michael (Pyrros)
-90 kg
1. Panagiotis Triantafyllou (Ionas)
2. Polyzois Rigas (Pyrros)
Women's Open
1. Theodora Paschalidou (AST Hephaestus)
2. Emmanouela Masourou (Ionas)

Source-EOOM-people with disabilities

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