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THE HOC supports Greek champions from scrapbook revenues

The HOC Athletes' Committee from the previous term (2016-2021) took the initiative under the chairmanship of Vasiliki Millousi OLY to implement a difficult project by collecting photographic snapshots of Greek Olympians in a commemorative album. The effort continues under the chairmanship of Voula Kozomboli OLY (2021-2024) with the aim of always supporting athletes.

Behind the Flame is a project that concerns a fully emotional approach to a photographic documentary and puts in the foreground top Greek athletes, who are trying hard to qualify for the Olympic Games.

The proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated in the form of a scholarship to athletes who seek to qualify for the Olympics and are not supported by any sponsorship or enjoy any other type of financial support.

Until now, a significant amount had been collected, which was doubled by the President of the HOC Spyros Capralos and the money was given to the wrestling champion Giorgos Kougioumtsidis and the champion of walking Kyriaki Filtisakos, with Mr. Capralos informing the two athletes, in a meeting at the Hellenic Olympic Committee, in the presence of the First Vice President Stelios Angeloudis, the General Secretary Manolis Kolymbadis and the Chairman of the Marketing Committee Nikos Iatrou.

The sale of Behind the Flame albums continues to help other athletes in their bid to qualify for the 2024 Olympics. The album can be purchased in two ways. Either through the eshop https://behindtheflame.gr/ or by direct purchase from the company's office in Alimos (Solomou 4 Alimos, 17456).

For a purchase from the office, please contact the company directly at the 6978418153 or by email [email protected] Ms. Penny Xydi for the procedures.

It is possible to pay by card (valid only for the e-shop) or by cash on delivery. The albums are sent either by courier or by picking them up directly from the office.

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