Tuesday , 25 June 2024

The presentation of the sponsors of the Cyprus Olympic Committee in view of 'Paris 2024'

On a historic day, the Cyprus Olympic Committee presented at the Olympic Palace the sponsors /partners who will go with it in the coming years, putting forward the Olympic ideals and supporting the athletes in the games they give for distinction and promotion of our country, with the highest goal being the Olympic Games "Paris 2024".

At the press conference, "MORE THAN SPONSORS /"PROUD PARTNERS", We continue together for the beautiful and the real", all the collaborators of the JIT who now support its sponsorship program, who are among the top organizations / companies of our country in their field of activity, were presented. Representatives of the sponsors had the opportunity to analyze the rationale of the cooperation, their feelings and the message they want to send to the Cypriot society by joining the sponsoring program of the JIT.

The ten partners of the Cyprus Olympic Committee consist of the following organizations/companies:
GOLD PARTNERS : Bank of Cyprus, Logicom
SILVER PARTNERS : Medochemie, Allianz Hellas, Charalambides Kristis
MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS PARTNER : Biomedicine Group in Cyprus

The conference was honored by the presence of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Prodromos Prodromos, and the Minister of Finance, Konstantinos Petrides. Also present were the Advisor to the President of the Republic on sports issues Fivos Zachariadis, the Ambassador "Fair Play" KOE-CMO Fivos Konstantinidis, the Mayor of Athienou Kyriakos Kareklas, Members of the Executive Board of the JIT, Members of the Board of Directors of the CSO and the General Director of the Organization Mary Charalambous Papamiltiadis, the former President of the CSO Pambos Stylianou, the former General Secretary of the KOE General Charalambos Lottas, The Legal Advisor of koe Paris Spanos, representatives of PARTNERS, presidents and representatives of sports federations and many friends of sports.
Special is the presence of athletes, most of whom are preparing for their participation in the Olympic Games "Paris 2024", athletes of the Olympic team "Tokyo 2020", as well as athletes who are included in a series of programs of the JIT.

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