Monday , 17 June 2024

The Student Conference "Pierre de Coubertin" of Cyprus!

The 1st Student Conference "Pierre de Coubertin" on Primary Education takes place on Wednesday, April 13, at the Lanitio Theatre of Limassol. The conference is organized by the "Pierre de Coubertin" Committee of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, in collaboration with the Directorate of Primary Education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. The theme of the conference is extremely topical and under the title "Olympism – Peace – Truce".
The conference will be attended by about 120 students from the following primary schools of the Districts of Larnaca and Limassol:
1. Episkopi Limassol
2. Limassol XI
3. Kition Larnaka
4. Limassol K.A. Kontovathia
5. K.Th. – G.N. Kalogeropoulou.
The conference will begin at 9.00 with the opening ceremony and the Olympic Anthem and will be followed by the welcome of the delegates-students from the EDE of Primary Education Dr. George Yiallourides. Greetings will be addressed by the Dean of the National Olympic Academy of Cyprus and Member of the Committee "Pierre de Coubertin" Dr. Klea Papaellina, the Director of Primary Education Dr. Marios Stylianides, and the President of the JIT Georgios Chrysostomou, who will also open the conference.
Then the students of the five Primary Schools will present their own approach to the topic of the conference.

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