Tuesday , 25 June 2024

Good resultfor the Cypriot representative at the Winter Olympics

Overcoming the difficulties created by the very bad weather conditions, Yiannos Kuyumdjian ranked 42nd out of 89 athletes in the Gigantic Descent event at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.
The 25-year-old skier managed to complete both descents, which was accomplished by only 46 skiers. He won the 50th place in the 1st descent with a time of 1.20.66. The extremely adverse weather conditions created by the heavy snowfall during the race that filled the track with soft snow, wind and fog, were the reason for many of the participants to fall and be excluded from the first descent.
The second descent was delayed to start due to the weather conditions and 54 skiers started there. And in this case Kuyumdjian did what he had to do, further improving his position, reaching 42nd place and leaving behind in 43rd place, the athlete from Turkey by 21 hundredths of a second. Kuyumdjian's total time in both descents was 2.42.51.
The gold medal was won by the Swiss Odermat, the silver by the Slovenian Kraniec and the bronze by the Frenchman February.

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