Monday , 15 July 2024

Request of the Disability Movement for a subsidized tourism program for pensioners with disabilities

The state over time, in all programs of social tourism, realizing the economic inability of people with severe disabilities to make holidays with their own money, gave them the right to participate every year with their escort and not periodically as was the case with the beneficiaries of the general population.

Taking into account that pensioners with severe disabilities have not benefited from social tourism programs since the time of the memoranda, outside the 2020 program, and that people with disabilities, chronic diseases and their families due to the long-term economic crisis, the crisis of the pandemic and then the increasing accuracy that carries with it their living costs, have been literally impoverished, the ESDP calls for the creation of a tourism program for people with disabilities, which will provide for their right to subsidized spending on tourism every year, under the following conditions:

  • points awarded to pensioners with disabilities from 50% or more, depending on their disability rate, without entering the draw process and without income or other criteria,
  • the right of pensioners of all funds to participate with their escort, if they are entitled to it according to a decision of the Health Committee,
  • the right of participation of people with disabilities who are unable to register in the Unemployment Register of OAED and to be included in the organization's holiday programs,
  • subsidy of ferry tickets for those with a disability rate of 80% or more, as well as for their escorts,
  • Duration of holidays up to 6 days, as the movement especially of a severely physically disabled (quadriplegic-paraplegic) for 2-3 nights, is not easy, since the discomfort is superior to rest.

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