Monday , 22 April 2024

Free postal services to the blind or visually impaired are provided by the Hellenic Post

Specifically, ELTA distributes, free of charge, postal items, weighing up to 7 kg, sent from/to the blind or visually impaired (i.e. 80% disability rate) or from/to institutions/associations for the blind.

The benefit concerns:

  • Correspondence, literature in any form, audio documents
  • Equipment or material that serves these individuals in dealing with their disability, including specially adapted CDs, Braille writing equipment, Braille watches, white sticks and recording equipment

In order to send them, the items must:

  • be deposited openly, so that their contents can be confirmed by the employee of the locker
  • enter in the post of the stamp the words 'Objects for the blind';
  • be specially marked.

It should also be noted that these items are not subject to storage fees, while letters to blind persons are excluded from presentation to customs and the lodging of a declaration.

"The Hellenic Post, for almost two centuries, has always marched with a sense of responsibility towards society, adopting actions that strengthen vulnerable groups. This social character is a priority for the Group and is cultivated through actions aimed at social solidarity", the Group said in a statement.

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