Friday , 3 February 2023

Thomas Bach's certainty of successful Winter Olympics in Beijing

The assurance that the Winter Olympic Games "Beijing 2022" starting on February 4 will have exceptional organizational and racing success was given by IOC President Thomas Bach, in a teleconference held with the participation of the Presidents of the National Olympic Committees.

Thomas Bach noted that the two biggest chapters that the International Olympic Committee was called upon to face in view of this event were firstly the decisions that had to be taken regarding the evolving facts of the pandemic and secondly the cooperation with the government of China with the existing and given political environment of the country. For the latter, he made particular reference to Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai and the scheduled meetings that the IOC will have with her, following the problems she is facing in her country following the allegations she made against government officials.

Regarding the pandemic, Thomas Bach indicated that the manuals "Playbooks" addressed to all participants - athletes, coaches, escorts, officials and representatives of the media - are quite satisfactory and those who follow the instructions included in them will have no problems during their stay in China: "There was no need to change anything in the "Playbooks" of the Games. I invite the participants to turn them into a way of life and behavior and everything will be fine", he noted.

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