Thursday , 2 December 2021

To the Cypriot Dinos Michaelides the Mediterranean Order of Merit Award

The General Assembly of the International Union of Mediterranean Games (ICMA) was held online on October 14th, which among the decisions it was called upon to take was the ratification of the decision of the Executive Committee of October 2020, to award the title "Order of Merit" to a number of persons for the great services in Mediterranean sports.

Among the nominees for the title "ICMG Order of Merit", which is the highest honorary distinction of the ICMG, was the former President of the JIT Dinos Michaelides, who, among other things, was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Union of Mediterranean Games (ICMG), from 1987 to 2020.

During the online General Assembly, outgoing President Amar Enadi mentioned for each candidate the rationale for the proposal for the award and then asked for the ratification of the decision. The decision for Mr. Dinos Michaelides was unanimous and followed by warm applause.

The Cyprus Olympic Committee congratulates Mr. Dinos Michaelides for the honorary award that he reflects throughout Cyprus Sports, and thanks him for his contribution to the ICMA.

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