Friday , 12 August 2022

The new look of the National Deaf Men's Football Team

The presentation of the National Deaf Men's Football Team in the presence of Kappa has been completed. At the Municipal Stadium of Spata "Dimitris Demetriou" took place the presentation of the official appearance of the National Football Team of Deaf Men, in view of the Qualifying matches for the Deaflympics, Brazil, May2022.

Our national team departs for Russia where it will compete against the Russian National Football Team, Wednesday, July 24, 2021, in the Moscow Region.

The presentation was opened by the Technical Director of Football of the Hellenic Federation of Sports of the Deaf Lefteris Mena, who welcomed the attendees. The floor was taken by Joseph Stavrakakis President of the Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports, who thanked Kappa for her undivided support for the National Deaf Football Team. A partnership launched in 9οEuropean Championship for the Deaf, where our National Team won the 3rdη position and the bronze medal. Federal coach Ioannis Demetriou spoke of the importance of the EAC's cooperation with Kappa, as well as the goal of the team that is no other than the qualification for the Olympic Games for the Deaf. The head of the National Football League, Stathis Dionysatos in turn, referred to Kappa's support, as he wished for the qualification that will come after the hard work. Finally, Kappa representative Dimitris Stefanoglou stood by the excellent cooperation with the Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports which started with European Football in Heraklion Crete in 2019, declaring Kappa's support at every step of the National Deaf Football.

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