The International Olympic Truce Center on the occasion of the celebration of the World Olympic Day awarded athletes who distinguished themselves for their dedication to Olympic principles and values.
Stefanos Diamantis was awarded the Ev Competition Award for his attitude to the National Wheelchair Tennis Championship in October 2020. The champion chose to lead the successful effort to stop the national championship due to an obstacle to the participation of all athletes. Stefanos lost a certain title, but won the respect of the sports community as he showed that noble emulation takes precedence.
The "good fight" award was awarded, in the context of an event of the organizing committee "Armistice Road 2022" at the War Museum of Athens, to Stefanos Diamantis, the Director of the International Olympic Truce Center Dr. Konstantinos Filis. Dr.. A friend praised Stefanos' behaviour, noting that he "clearly demonstrated that, in addition to the will that distinguishes him, he is committed to the true values of sport, these universal values that make sport a platform for understanding, understanding, dialogue and ultimately peace".
Athlete Denia Koureta was awarded the "solidarity" award. The 16-year-old polenta of NE Patras helped save the lives of two men and a woman in the sea area of Rio. The prize was awarded to the athlete by the deputy director of the ICOE, Mrs. Dora Palli. Ms. Palli congratulated the young athlete on her action and stressed that it sent a strong message to society about the importance of solidarity as a tool for cohesion. The award was given as part of olympic day events at the OAKA facilities.
The ICOE participates in many events to celebrate Olympic Day. In particular, he participated in sporting events at OAKA and Agios Kosmas, sef and at an event of the "Armistice Road" at the War Museum.