Thursday , 23 March 2023

The administrative report of the Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities has been published

The administrative report of the Board of Directors of EAOM-Disabled, for the last 51 months.

Ladies and gentlemen,

After 51 months and despite any obstacles presented in its way (monuments, pandemic, etc.), the Board of Directors of the National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities (EAOM-Disabled) can say with certainty that it has done its best to protect the efforts and achievements of years from painful setbacks.

It leaves an important legacy and a solid basis for the day after the new administration, which will emerge from the general election on 21 March.

A new administration, which is called to follow up but also to develop even more, a great project and a route full of moments of flashes, countless attendances in international competitions, many and full of tension and emulation events within borders (national championships, workshops, etc.), important collaborations and so on.

In summary over the last 51 months:

  • we organized more than 70 national championships (many of them in more than one phase) and workshops in the majority of sports under the umbrella of EAOM-Disabled. The Board of Directors took care to preserve the massive nature of the Panhellenic Championships since until then no Intercollecological Games were announced and therefore for the majority of athletes the Panhellenic Championship is a unique competitive opportunity. In all league-days, our clubs did not have the slightest financial burden (movement, accommodation),
  • we had a presence in more than 100 international competitions (World-European Championships, World Cups and so on) with hundreds of athletes, where we won an extremely large number of medals and distinctions,
  • 488 young athletes and 116 young athletes (BC3 sports assistants, guide-skiers, pilot athletes, guide-runners and guide-goalkeepers) were enrolled in the eaom-disabled force. Also in the force of EAOM-Disabled were registered seven new clubs from all over Greece,
  • we had continuous cooperation with its associations and other bodies for the organisation of national workshops under its auspices and which it strengthened financially or logistically according to its capacity each time,
  • we have given greater intensity to the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to grant permission to federal and body coaches, technicians, physical education teachers and distinguished athletes in the schools of Primary and Secondary Education, in order to promote and inform about the sport of people with disabilities. During the 2018-2019 school year, a collaboration was launched with the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia and the Federal Coaches within the framework of the Programme of Sports Teaching Visits and Training Activities,
  • we participated (in some of them and as organizers) in more than 10 seminars abroad and Greece, we had representation in more than 10 general assemblies, sports conferences and events of international sports bodies abroad,
  • we worked with all the leading institutions of the country to address all kinds of issues of the area (Parliament, Regional Associations, Municipalities, etc.), but also with foreign bodies (IWAS, IBCA, etc.) and
  • we have had continuous contacts and interventions with the relevant state actors in order to vindicate our long-term request for the establishment of a regular annual financial grant of our associations as well as for the solution of other institutional issues of our athletes (restrictions on athletes' bonuses due to participations, etc.).

We would like to thank you very much for the trust you have shown us over the years, but also for our excellent cooperation. We thank everyone who has worked with us over the years. Clubs, athletes, coaches, consultants, federation staff, our partners. We wish from the heart good luck to our athletes who are claiming qualification for Tokyo 2020. We all hope that they will achieve their goals!

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