Friday , 3 December 2021

The Greek athletes for the World Para Athletics Grand Prix in Tunis

An 11-member mission will be given by the National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities, at the World Para Athletics Grand Prix which will be hosted from 18 to 20 March in Tunis. The mission includes Lazaros Stefanidis (sphere), Konstantinos Junis (disk), Valasia Kyrgiovanakis (sphere), Zoe Mantoudis (sphere), Anthi Liagou (sphere, javelin), Anastasios Petropoulos (length, 100m), Konstantinos Veltsis (length), Dimitrios Zisidis (sphere), Ioannis Sevdikilis (400m, disc), Stylianos Malakopoulos (100m, 400m, length), Apostolos Charitonidis (sphere). The federal coach is Dimitris Tsiftsoglou, accompanied by Stavros Stragalis and Konstantina Arabatzis.

At the Tunisian Grand Prix, athletes Manolis Stefanoudakis (javelin, bullet), Anastasios Kourdis (100m, length), Sultana Keramydas (javelin), Nikolaos Brandis (disk), Mateus Gabrielcic (sphere, corina) and Lucas-Ioannis Protonotarios (100m, 200m) participate at their personal expense.

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