Tuesday , 23 April 2024

Metropolitan General's support for the Federation of Greek Basketball Associations with Wheelchair continues

The excellent cooperation between the Federation of Greek Basketball Associations with Wheelchair and the Metropolitan General, a member of hellenic healthcare group (HHG), the largest private health group in the country that also has the hospitals Health, Metropolitan Hospital, Mother, Lito and Creta Interclinic, continues. Especially at this time, when the pandemic is an insurmountable obstacle to a number of social and sporting activities, this coexistence offers important solutions to OSEKA.

The Metropolitan General, wanting to support and strengthen the efforts of the athletes of the Athens National Team, grants them free weekly COVID-19 test with PCR, which is a necessary and sufficient condition in order to be able to return to training, in accordance with the medical protocol, set by the General Secretariat of Sport, in cooperation with the competent medical bodies. International athletes have started the tests and are returning, following the measures, to training rhythms, ahead of the European Championship, which will take place in July at the Peace and Friendship Stadium. Metropolitan General and Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG) remain involved in this effort, which will assist OSEKA in the largest competitive event of sport with disabilities in the country since the 2004 Paralympic Games.

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