Tuesday , 17 May 2022

Olympic champion Pyrros Dimas is nominated for President of the World Weightlifting Federation!

His decision to claim the presidency of the World Weightlifting Federation (IWF) was announced by Pyrros Dimas. The four-time Olympic champion will be one of 11 candidates to claim the presidency in the March 26 and 27 elections.

Pyrros Dimas is a member of the IWF's executive committee and his co-candidates will be China's Jinkiang Zhou, Finland's Karolina Ludal, Britain's Michael Ayrani, Iranian Ali Moradi, Iraqi Mohammed Jaloud, Kazakhstan's Zanat Tusupbekov, Norway's Sian Grimseth, Romanian Nick Vlad and American Ursula Papandreou. At the same time, Pyrros Dimas is also a candidate for the post of Vice-President (if not elected President) as well as for a member of the Executive Board.

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