Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Close cooperation between the Hellenic Olympic and Paralympic Committee

Their willingness to continue and upgrade the close cooperation they already have, expressed the Greek Olympic Committee and the Greek Paralympic Committee in a conference call held on Thursday, February 4th. The President of the EEE Spyros Kapralos and the Secretary General Manolis Kolympadis and from the EIA, President Christos Kaloudis, the 2nd Vice-President Fotios Bibbasis, the Secretary General Christos Jamousis and the Head of Mission at the Paralympic Games "Tokyo 2020" Anastasia Goufa participated.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two sides, which will be signed in the near future, is also in the direction of closer cooperation. They were also discussed: the vaccination of the Greek teams in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the cooperation of the Olympic and Paralympic Team Leaders and the Technical and Medical Teams, the cooperation in the future regarding the uniform appearance of the Olympic and Paralympic Mission, the joint preparation of athletes of winter sports in view of Beijing and the cooperation in the programs of the National Olympic Academy with speakers – scientists specialized in Paralympic sports. It was also decided to have a meeting and cooperation in communication between the two Committees, with the aim of promoting sport and highlighting the efforts of all athletes.

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