Tuesday , 17 May 2022

Important decisions in the Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

A series of important decisions were taken by the Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee at the teleconference meeting. The decision of the Executive Committee on the regulation of the election of two athletes (one man and one woman) as members of the Committee of Athletes of the EEE who will also be representatives of this Committee in the plenary session of the EEE has been confirmed. They will be elected by the members of the last mission of the summer Olympic Games, in accordance with the new statutes of the EEE. Both athletes will have the right to vote and stand as a candidate on the committees of the Hellenic Olympic Committee. With this decision, the active athletes elect for the first time democratically their representatives, who will now have an active role in the decisions of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, for the benefit of all Greek athletes.

The nomination of the President of the EEE, Spyros Kapralou, as President of the European Olympic Committees in the upcoming elections in April 2021 was also unanimously approved. At the same time, the EEE budget for the financial year 2021, the cash statement for the financial year 2020 and the financial statements for the financial year 2019 were adopted.

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