Thursday , 30 March 2023

The position of the disability movement for the vaccination of people with disabilities

A letter to the country's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was sent by the ESA, on the major issue of vaccination of people with disabilities, chronic diseases, their families and their supportive environment from the corovirus. The letter states that priority should be made for people with disabilities and their supportive environment, such as pupils and staff of special schools, people in KDAPMEA and KDIF and their staff, vaccination at home of persons with disabilities who cannot move, and their supportive environment. It is a given that people with chronic conditions (renal patients, immunosuppression, cancer patients, diabetics, etc.) have already been provided for in priority.

The campaign of the wheelchair movement is global: people with disabilities and chronic conditions are the majority of the victims of the crown, living in institutions or on their own; At the same time, the ESAMES asks the State to launch an information campaign: it is necessary and necessary to inform all citizens organized about the vaccine and vaccination, so that their decision is not influenced by conspiracies, fake news or by campaigns of disinformation and deception. Finally, the EESA proposes that there should be organised cooperation between the State and the EESA Institute, in order to launch an directly organised campaign throughout the country. "We will do our duty to ensure that people with disabilities, chronic conditions and their families decide with the right information at their disposal."

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