Wednesday , 29 March 2023

Skip offers clothes specially designed for people with mobility difficulties

Have we ever tried wearing a pair of jeans sitting in a chair? Do we know what it means to go through a shirt over our heads with one hand? These two questions make us feel the everyday life of people who are experiencing mobility difficulties and for whom dressing is not a self-evident, mechanical process, but a real feat. This empathy is shared by Skip, launching the Clothing Without Restrictions social responsibility program, an initiative that enables people with mobility difficulties to gain access to clothes designed for their potential. A new social responsibility action, trying to facilitate the daily struggle they give to get dressed.

Skip is originally aimed at the children of the Spastic Protection Society/Open Door. Responding to their needs with every Purchase of Skip products, exclusively in super market AB, is ensured for the children of Door Open access to clothes that facilitate their daily life and enhance their confidence. They are manufactured abroad and are specially adapted and designed for their capabilities.

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