Monday , 17 June 2024

Proposal for peace for the Eastern Mediterranean from Ancient Olympia

The holding of an international peace and cooperation meeting in Ancient Olympia, with the participation of the Mayors of the major cities of the Eastern Mediterranean, is jointly proposed by the Municipality of Ancient Olympia and the International Olympic Truce Centre. This important proposal is contained in a joint letter from the two bodies to the Mayors of Metropolitan Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean, on the occasion of world peace day, which is celebrated on 21 September each year.

The letter states: "We live in the most important region of the planet, for human history and culture. From the land of the Fertile Crescent, 8,000 years ago, to the Nile and Libya, the Asia Minor coast, the Black Sea and the Greek Peninsula, around a sea, peoples lived and civilisations that left as strong as anywhere else, their imprint on human evolution. Today, the same sea, which has lived and united our peoples for thousands of years, divides us and divides us. Today, this same sea sees the misery, the refugee, the pain, the tear, the war and the blood of the peoples who live around it. In the face of this situation, the institutional representatives of the historic and major cities of yesterday and today, the mayors of the cities of the Eastern Mediterranean, cannot and must not remain indifferent and idle. Municipalities are the most genuine and close to the citizens. They live up close and feel deeply the small and big problems of the everyday life of their citizens. Everyday people who want to live, work and progress in conditions of stability and peace.

The Municipality of Ancient Olympia, as the institutional representative of the sacred place where the Olympic Ideal was born, the Eugonism, the fellowship of people and Peace and the International Olympic Truce Centre (ICOE), as a modern Olympic institution, which promotes dialogue and mutual understanding between societies, cultures and religions, through the power of sport, have been working together in recent years, to promote Peace , friendship, people's fellowship and the cultivation of international understanding. With the aim of mobilizing citizens, bridging differences, embedding a climate of cooperation and ultimately realizing that what unites us is more than what divides us, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia and the International Olympic Truce Centre take the initiative to invite municipalities, civil society, bodies and institutions related to peace into dialogue in order to seek wider and more specific convergences. , sending a message of cooperation and cooperation. In this context and on the occasion of the celebration of world peace day, as established by the United Nations, to strengthen the ideals of peace and non-violence between nations, we invite you, the Mayors of the cities of the Eastern Mediterranean and invite you to a meeting in Ancient Olympia, the city symbol of Peace and the concept of the Truce , in May 2021 and on a date that we will set together, when, of course, the conditions and developments of the pandemic that has afflicted the global community allow it"

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