Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Thessaloniki will organise the big european tournament for Wheelchair Basketball

Alexander the Great and the UCITS for the third consecutive year will organise in Thessaloniki the preliminary round of Euroleague 3. The European Federation for another year trusts the Association and the Federation for the Organization of the European organization group. Alexander the great will claim in the new year his qualification in the final phase of the event through the qualifying round. The association, as well as the UCITS, in the last two years have done an excellent job in organizing the qualifying group and the European Federation rewarded us with the award of the event and in 2020.

The group will take part in a total of five teams and Thessaloniki will regain European air. Alexander the Great and the UCITS will do everything to keep everyone happy and we are confident that the event will be a complete success.

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