Sunday , 21 April 2024

Russian Olympian Isinbayeva against IOC, WADA and IAAF

The Russian Olympic Champion Yelena Isinbayeva made a statement today, against IOC, WADA and IAAF, for her ban from the Olympic Games of Rio:

‘Dear friends, today it has finally become completely clear for me why IAAF doesn't give me an admission to Rio. You will laugh but it wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so sad. WADA and IOC don't have any claims for me. IAAF also doesn't have any claims for me concerning doping, I am completely clear and honest and all my career proves this, the only problem due to which I am not allowed to participate in Rio is the fact that for the last 2 years I have been living and training in Russia.

Oh my God, it is ridiculous. So athletes from other countries easily train and live in their home places but I had had to leave my country, go away from my family and my coach and then I would have had an opportunity to perform at the Olympic Games in Rio now. McLaren has said today that they don't have any claims for individual sportsmen, all their accusations concern the Federation and its heads, then what does it have to do with me. IAAF doesn't have any claims for Daria Klishina, neither does it for me but Daria will perform in Rio because for 3 years she has lived and trained in the United States, and I won't because I train in Russia. There has not been any answer to the direct question to IAAF president Coe- why and for what reason Isinbaeva is disqualified from participation in Rio. He just leaves ignoring the question. There is still no clarity, no answers, I still don't give up trainings hoping that this injustice is to end very soon.

Friends, I thank you for your support and petitions; dear mass media, thank you but I ask you one more time, probably for the last time to help me get to the truth and find out from Coe the reason for my disqualification, exactly my disqualification. And let him not say that I am part of the Russian Athletics Federation and have to be responsible for other athletes' mistakes because Daria is also part of it but she only lives in a different country and doesn't carry any responsibility for other sportsmen! I do not want to give up and simply to accept such an unfair and vile IAAF decision concerning myself! If there is at least one chance to perform in Rio, I want to use it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!’

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