Wednesday , 18 May 2022

From Olympics to Paralympics of Rio!

Paralympic Games organisers will have just 16 days after the curtain comes down on the Olympic Games on 21 August to make sure everything is ready for 7 September. During this transition period they will have to increase accessibility in venues in anticipation of the arrival of 4,350 athletes with an impairment.

The Paralympic Torch Relay will start on the 1 September, visiting five cities (Brasilia, Belem, Natal, Joinville and Sao Paulo) in the five regions of Brazil. The Paralympic values – courage, determination, inspiration and equality – are written in braille on the body of the torch. The Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games in the Maracana Stadium will include the live creation of a work of art by ceremony director and renowned Brazilian artist Vik Muniz. Taking place during the athletes’ parade, the piece of art will use 500 plates, which will be carried by the different delegations to form a gigantic mosaic, whose design remains a secret.

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