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The revival of the Nemean games in modern Greece

The New Nemean Games is an attempt to revive the ancient festivities of the ancient Games, with the emphasis of the sporting games. The events taking place in the ancient stadium which built around 330 BC and is located at the eastern part of the village of Ancient Nemea.

The participants will run barefoot and will assume a white garment (will wear ancient tunic and will not be naked as in the antiquity). The winner of each round will get a band around his head and a palm branch, as well as in antiquity. At the end of the day all winners will intermarry with wild celery, as was the ancient Nemean Games, 2.300 years ago.

This year's sixth Nemean Games will be held on This year's sixth Nemead will take place on June 11 2016 and everyone who is interested to take part must register not later than May 1, 2016. We must remark that the participation at the Games is free of charge. For more information and registration visit the website of the games

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