Tuesday , 28 September 2021

The Paralympians will receive what they deserve

The Brazilian Paralympic Committee will award the athletes who win medals at the 2016 Paralympic Games. The sharing of bonuses will be made according to the colour of the medal and provides different ranges of reward for individual competitors, relays or teams. Athlete guides and assistants who are on the podium will also be rewarded.

CPB expects to distribute approximately about EUR 700,000 in rewards. The gold medalist in individual competitions will receive EUR 14,000 per medal, while silver will yield EUR 7,000 each and EUR 4,500 for the bronze medalist. The Paralympic title in team sports and relays will be awarded with EUR 7,500 per athlete. The silver in this case will be awarded with EUR 3,450 and the bronze with EUR 2,000. Athletes guide and assistants will receive one-third of the sum won by their athletes.

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