Thursday , 25 April 2024

Doping case with political extensions

The World Anti-Doping Agency published its findings on the case of doping in Russia. The chairman of the independent commission of WADA Dick Pound, urges the world athletics federation (IAAF) to expel Russia from the international events, which means that if this happen, Russians athletes will be excluded from the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Specifically, Pound said that hopes that Russia will take this action voluntarily and will make the necessary changes in order to allow to the Russian athletes to return under a new context. If not, then perhaps the result may be the absence of the Russian track and field athletes from Rio.

According to the report to WADA consisting of 323 pages, were found to conceal evidence of bribery and intimidation to prevent the spread of positive samples of Russian athletes and also there is a possibility of the presence of agents of the Russian security service in doping laboratories in Moscow and Sochi, during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

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