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Olympism: Pedagogy of an Education Philosophy by Suriyan Somphong

Education is the core of the Olympic Movement, because all of the fundamental roles entrusted to the movement depend entirely on the educational values of the Olympic Movement. For that reason, all the key figures of Olympism put great emphasis on education. “Olympic Education and the Olympic Spirit have the power to contribute to resolving some of the most intensive social problems and teaching principles of honesty and respect (Coubertin, 1929).” Olympic Education,in general, is the process by which people learn Olympism. With respect to pedagogy, Olympic Education is the grass root for general education; its goal is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world, by educating youth through sport, without discrimination and in the Olympic Spirit, which require mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

In Thailand, some of the most popular sports for Thais youth are: tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, taekwondo, and futsal. Unfortunately, not all young people can participate in such sports as they do not possess the skills high-level skill required. So, Physical Education classes can serve this youth population in terms of exercise and of physical fitness activities, which in any way still serves to promote a physical fitness and mental fitness. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the need to include the values and the benefits of sport into the educational and sport program. Children who participate in sports can learn the sport moral values and become a better person, a better adult, a better athlete, a better member of the society and eventually a better citizen of the country. As administrators and educators of higher education, they need to set up educational strategies in order to provide the best program to our children. Thus, it is mandatory to introduce sport to all levels of education to let our children enjoy the best segment of their life with fun and friendships.

About Suriyan Somphong

Suriyan Somphong is PhD c. in Sport Management, University Kasetsart, Thailand.

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