Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Bench Weightlifting: "Gold" with a European record of 183kg. Moysiades in Tbilisi

The month went well for Gremislav Moysiadis and in the best way the curtain fell on the Greek delegation of the World Cup, "2023 Tbilisi World Cup", held in Tbilisi. As after the silver medal of Paschalis Kouloumoglou in 59kg, in the premiere, came the gold (total of 2 gold, for Best and total) of Gremislav Moysiadis.
The Greek champion lifted 183kg in his 3rd attempt, which is a European legend record, in the new age category, for athletes over 45 years old. In turn, his efforts were 173kg. on 1st, 181k. in the 2nd and 183 in the 3rd.

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