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Fourth wheelchair donated by the Environmental Group of the University of Macedonia

The offer of a fourth wheelchair was made by the Office and the Environment Team of the University of Macedonia, this time at the KDAP MEA "Kyklos", to meet relevant needs and better serve its beneficiaries.

The supply of the wheelchair was carried out through the action "Keep on Moving" which is "run" by the municipality of Thessaloniki and which has been active since 2017. It concerns the donation of wheelchairs for every ton of plastic caps collected and therefore the University of Macedonia has collected to date at least four tons of plastics, actively contributing to the protection of the environment.

The delivery of the wheelchair took place in the building of the Deputy Mayor of Social Policy of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in the presence of the competent Deputy Mayor, Ioanna Kosmopoulou and the Vice-Rector for Research and Lifelong Learning of the University of Macedonia, Professor Demetriou Chandraki.

Also present at the event was the new head of the Environment Office of the University of Macedonia, Pericles Hatzinakosthe Elpida Pantou, member of the Environmental Group of the University of Macedonia and members of the KDAP MEA "Kyklos".

The plastic lid collection program at the University of Macedonia began in December 2015, as part of the extensive recycling program underway at the Foundation. Within the following years, a wheelchair was given to the Hippocrateon Hospital, one to AHEPA, one to the Paraplegic Association and the last to the KDAP MEA "Kyklos".

It is reminded that the University of Macedonia is the first "green" University in Greece, as it has been certified according to the European standard EMAS for the best practices it follows in the field of environmental protection, a certification that began in 2005.

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