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The work "Kids love sports" through an original illustrated version

After 2 years full of actions and children's smiles, the European Project "Kids love sports" was successfully completed.

Having as its main goal the social inclusion through sports, the project, addressed to refugee children aged 6 to 12 who are hosted in open structures in or near Attica, gave these children the opportunity to live a special experience rich in sports activities at the emblematic Panathenaic Stadium. In addition, many of these actions involved national children with the aim of strengthening social cohesion. The young participants thus managed to develop a strong spirit of teamwork and solidarity as the basic values of Olympism stand for.

"Kids love sports" offered moments of joy and learning to more refugee children within the open structures that host them, organizing sports and regular sports trainings with the support of volunteers and trainee coaches. A total of 4,974 children (55.5% refugee children) benefited from the project.

The project was implemented by the Hellenic Olympic Committee with the co-funding of the European Union while more than 50 volunteers as well as Public Bodies and Organizations contributed to its successful completion.

The President of the HOC and member of the IOC, Spyros Capralos, congratulated the contributors of the project for the excellent organization and impeccable coordination while stressing once again that the HOC will continue to support the refugee population through the promotion of the values that Olympism stands for, such as the reconciliation of peoples, solidarity and offering to fellow human beings.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee presents the project "Kids love sports" and its results through a original illustrated version wanting to capture in this way the joyful mood and the exciting experience left behind by this work.


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