Friday , 22 September 2023

Panhellenic student painting competition 'Labours and Muses'

The Children's Gallery of Greece in collaboration with the following institutions: Hellenic Olympic Committee, National Olympic Academy, Organizing Committee of the Rhodes International Marathon and in the framework of the Olympic Week in Schools 2023 and the 8th International Marathon of Rhodes organize a panhellenic painting competition for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school students attending schools in Greece and abroad.

It is a Good Practices competition that has as its core the universal values through the principles and ideals of Olympism and the sports spirit. Over the centuries, the fighting spirit has been a main source of inspiration for both Greek and international art, since the beauty of sports has inspired poets, sculptors, writers, musicians. The brightest example of all is the Parthenon Frieze, conceived by Phidias to depict the procession of the Panathenaic Games.

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