Friday , 23 February 2024

With a sailboat the Olympic Flame from Greece to France in 2024!

A highly innovative decision was taken by the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games "Paris 2024", for the transfer of the Olympic Flame to France.
In the spring of 2024, after the Lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia, the Olympic Flame will cross Greece carrying its timeless messages throughout the country and will end up in Athens where the Handover Ceremony will take place to the Organizing Committee of the next Olympic Games.
The Organizing Committee "Paris 2024", as announced at a press conference in Marseille, chose to transport the Olympic Flame from Greece to France in a three-masted emblematic sailboat. The Belem as this ship is called will cross the Mediterranean and will reach the city of Marseille, which will be the first stop of the torch relay on French soil to continue its journey to Paris and the Opening Ceremony on July 26.
The transport of the Flame from Athens to Marseilles by sea has a highly symbolic character as the two cities have been inextricably linked since antiquity when their influence in the Mediterranean basin began. Also, Marseille, founded 2,600 years ago, is a former Greek colony and the oldest city in France.

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