Tuesday , 18 June 2024

The new Board of Directors of the European Olympic Academies

On 23 November 2022, the General Assembly met for the fifth time since its establishment, this time at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt. Manfred Lammer was re-elected President of the EDA without any opposing candidates. Mariia Bulatova (Vice-President), Marion Guigon-Lacroix (Secretary-General) and Ivans Klementjevs (Vice-President) were also confirmed. Clea Papaellina, Bernard Hilgers and Asta Sarkauskiene join the Board of Directors, making it as follows for the next four years:

Manfred Laemmer, President
Marion Guigon-Lacroix, Secretary-General
Bernard Hilgers, Treasurer
Maria Bulatoca, Vice President
Ivans Klementjevs, Vice President
Asta Sarkauskiene, Board Member
Klea Papaellina, Member of the Board of Directors

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