Wednesday , 1 February 2023

Educational and Social Activities of the Greek National Opera for teenagers and young adults with deafness or hearing loss

The new series of educational activities aims to lay the foundations for an expansion of the condition of listening from auditory experience to embodied experience. The educational workshops are addressed to deaf and hard of hearing adolescents and young adults, as well as to people of the same age groups who participate in the deaf community in any way. The main educational objectives of the program are the reversal of the condition of physicalized exclusion, the introduction of participants to the world of music and sound art, and the creation of collaborative sound works through participatory design and laboratory practices. The materials of this project are vibration, visualization of sound, art history, music theory, and other modern technological possibilities. An audio project, designed participatively by the members of the team, will complete the cycle of educational workshops.

Participation in the workshops does not require prior knowledge.

Design / Implementation: Dana Papachristou (sound artist / musicologist / art theorist, George Samantas (sound artist / social anthropologist)

Artistic collaborator: Orestis Karamanlis (composer / instructor of NKUA)

Start of workshop: October 22, 2022

Ημέρα & ώρα: every Saturday 13.00-15.00

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