Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Record number of applications for new Paralympic Events at the 2028 Los Angeles Games

Applications to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) have begun to consider joining the 2028 Los Angeles Paralympic Games (LA28) program.
The International Federations with sports in the program of the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, as well as the recognized International Federations had until July 4, 2022, to submit completed applications to the IPC, in order to examine the inclusion of 33 Paralympic sports in the sports program of the Paralympic Games LA28.

During the summer, IPC will review applications in accordance with the IPC Manual and identify areas for further clarification by applicants where needed.

The IPC will also work closely with LA28 to analyze the potential impact of sport on the program. The final decision on the sports that make up the sports program of the LA28 Paralympic Games will be made by the IPC board of directors by the end of January 2023.

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