Wednesday , 1 February 2023

Νέος Οδηγός της Καβάλας με πληροφορίες προσβασιμότητας για κάτοικους & επισκέπτες με μειωμένη κινητικότητα

This Guide presents attractions, services and facilities that you will find in the city of Kavala with detailed information about their friendliness and accessibility for the different categories of disability. This information, which was methodically collected with autopsies in the field, is addressed to everyone, whether they visit it for the first time or live here.

These autopsies by specially trained inspectors in collaboration with representatives of the local disability movement were not intended to certify the accessibility of the controlled infrastructure in accordance with relevant accessibility standards and guidelines. With knowledge of the diversity of the needs of people with disabilities, the purpose of the inspections was to methodically record the existing access conditions, with reference to specific measurements where necessary, so that each interested/reader would have at his/her disposal the necessary data that will allow him/her to assess for himself whether or not the proposed options are suitable for his/her personal service and safety.

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