Monday , 27 June 2022

Memorandum of Cooperation of the Association of Participants in the Olympic Games with the PSAT

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Association of Participants in the Olympic Games-ESOA and the Panhellenic Association of Sports Press at the offices of the 2nd, in Athens.
More specifically, the Presidents of the ESOA and the PSAT, Mr. Kozombolis and Mr. Theodorakopoulos respectively, representing the Boards of Directors of their organizations, initially accepted, agreed and agreed that:

1. The cultivation, dissemination and recognition of the ancient and universal principles of Olympism and Fair Play are the responsibility of all of us.

2. Volunteerism and Sports build bridges of solidarity, understanding and cooperation, contribute to the strengthening of relations between people and societies.

3. Volunteering and Sports are two concepts that are not an end in themselves, but within the service of the citizen.

4. Sport is a basic good and the formation of a sports mentality is built from young ages and bears fruit in the medium term, leading to a healthier model of living.

5. Journalism is an offer to our fellow man and works for the benefit of society to improve the fundamental needs of a society.

6. Both sport and journalism act for the benefit of the citizens of a society and exploit all its potentials in order to produce added value for the benefit of all, activating any form of constructive synergy.

7. Sports and Sports Journalism interact and go hand in hand over time, uninterruptedly and incessantly, interacting, in such a way that the development of each depends to the maximum on the development of the other.

Based on the common understanding, as expressed in the above 6 points, the 2 Presidents signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between them and will initiate the joint development of actions for the benefit of society and in particular the implementation of actions for the promotion of sports, education, environmental awareness and health!

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