Monday , 22 April 2024

The international conference of the association for people with disabilities 'Eagles of Thessaloniki' was successfully completed

On Thursday, June 2nd, at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the Eagles of Thessaloniki organized an international conference on the dual careers of athletes with disabilities. The conference was held
as part of the PARAdig project of the Erasmus+ programme involving 9 European organisations, including the European Paralympic Committee, the Serbian Paralympic Committee and the Croatian Paralympic Committee. The conference was presented
by Mr. Paris Albanian, President of the Eagles of Thessaloniki and member of the Greek Paralympic Committee, the platform implemented in the framework of this project.

Speakers of the conference were Andreas Katsaros Paralympic champion and Treasurer of the Greek Paralympic Committee, Georgios Mathas, Head of Development of the National Athletic Federation of Athletes with Disabilities, the athlete of DP With Disabilities Clio Thessaloniki Maria-Chara
Baxevanis and the international football athlete of the blind Efstratios Englishman of AET Torch, who presented how they experienced or are experiencing their own double careers. The event was welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Kalafatis, the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr. Zervas and the Deputy Regional Governor of Thessaloniki Mrs. Patoulidou.

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