Tuesday , 25 June 2024

Nova Gold Sponsor of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

Nova, a member of United Group, the leading telecommunications and media provider in Southeastern Europe, announces the launch of the collaboration with the Hellenic Olympic Committee, as a Gold Communication Sponsor, with the aim of creating content for the promotion of athletes and the work of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.
On Thursday, May 5, the Annual Honorary Awards Event of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (E.O.E.) was broadcasted by Novasports. In the context of the annual honorary awards event, Nova presented a special award, which it is establishing this year, with the aim of recognizing an athlete or an athlete for Greek sports and the Olympic Idea. The Nova Award was awarded by Ms. Kiki Silvestridou, CEO of Nova Media to the captain of the National water polo team, Giannis Fountoulis for his ethos, who immediately after the triumph of the National team at the Tokyo Olympic Games, asked in advance an "apology" for the joy of the team, as the qualification of the team coincided with the devastating fires of our country.

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