Wednesday , 18 May 2022

With five Greek athletes the World Challenger Boccia of Zagreb

With the participation of three athletes and two female athletes, the Greek botsia will participate in the WORLD CHALLENGER that will take place in Zagreb from 4 to 9 April.

At the disposal of the federal coach George Tzima will be the athletes: Dionysia Tsakiri, Chrysi Morfi-Metzou, Nikolas Gonios, Nikolaos Bouloukos and Arti Tsoukali.

The team's escorts are Aikaterini Pavlidou, Mavra Baziotou, Trantelina Tsoukali, Maria Karahaliou and Konstantinos Tsakiris, while the mission is accompanied by doctor Nikolaos Terzis.

SOURCE – EAOM people with disabilities

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