Thursday , 25 April 2024

First meeting of the HOC Gender Equality Committee

The Gender Equality Committee of the Hellenic Olympic Committee met for the first time, chaired by Vasiliki Millousi.
It was an acquaintance meeting with all the members to put forward the opinions and thoughts, so that by working as a team they could contribute to the prevalence of equality in the sports world.
The aim is, through different actions and actions, to strengthen the important work of gender equality in sport.
President of the Committee are Vasiliki Millousi and members are Xenia Argitaki, Anastasia Donti, Olivia Donti, Christina Vrachali, Angeliki Douka, Katerina Tzika. Ioanna Moraiti, Iris Vlachoutsikou, Spyridoula Spanea, Giannis Fountoulis, Eleftherios Petrounias, Christos Mastoras, Christina Nikolopoulou, Agia Kasoumi.

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