Thursday , 25 April 2024

Student competition of the Festival "The reflection of disability in art"

The Organizing Committee of the Festival "Reflection of disability in art" with the acronym iRoDI, invites students of all academic departments of the University of Macedonia to participate in the Photography Competition for the Poster of the 5th edition.

How do you imagine 2022 will be? How much has the world changed with the pandemic and lockdowns? How much and how were you affected by the new data? What fills you with hope and optimism? What gives you strength? So, take your cameras or mobile phones and tour the city, the neighborhood, the street or your nearby park (always with the necessary precautions) and send the photo that you think could become a posterand most importantly enjoy your participation, in this way,Inthe country's only eight-day cultural event on inclusion and accessibility, during which people with and without disabilities coexist, thus laying the foundations for a better tomorrow for all.

Submission of photographs until 31.3.2022 to the e-mail address [email protected] on the subject "FOR THE PHOTO CONTEST". For more information about the Festival, visit the website

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