Tuesday , 23 April 2024

The Beijing 2022 Eco-Winter Olympics

Green power supply, green space construction and low-carbon transport are one of the measures Beijing is taking in 2022 to deliver on its promise to host green races. In 2019, CCOG issued a carbon management plan, proposing 18 carbon reduction measures that guide its effort to achieve carbon neutrality.

All new spaces use optimized building materials and meet the three-star standards of the green building. At the same time, the standard evaluation of sports venues with green snow has been developed. This is the first evaluation standard for green snow sports venues both at home and abroad. For the first time in Olympic history, carbon dioxide was used as a refrigerant in the production of ice in four sites, which significantly reduces damage to the ozone layer as well as energy consumption. Compared to the traditional cooling method, it can save more than 30% in performance.

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