Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Opening for the Greek Championship of Fencing with Wheelchair

The National Athletic Federation of People with Disabilities (EAOM-People with Disabilities), in collaboration with the University of West Attica, organizes on Saturday, December 11, 2021, at the University Campus of Egaleo Grove, the Panhellenic Wheelchair Fencing Championship.

For Greek swords, this will be the first national event of the sport after almost 2.5 years, but also the first after the triumph of Tokyo, where Panos Triantafyllou proved to be... consistent in his appointment with the winners' podium in the sword event, winning the bronze medal.

The participation of the Deputy Regional Governor of Attica, Nikolaos Peppas (the first athlete who dealt in Greece with wheelchair fencing), as well as all the top Greek gunsmiths (Vassilis Dounis, Gerasimos Pylarinos, Kelly Loufaki, Efthymia Vlami, etc.) create conditions for a championship that is extremely impressive and competitive.

In total, nine athletes and five athletes from a total of four clubs from all over Greece will participate in the event, with the University of West Attica opening its gates to organize a high-level sporting event. Besides, the amazing accessible facilities of the University and the passion of the people of the Educational Institution who have been working for so long with the National Organization for People with Disabilities, create the feeling that the bar for a highly successful event has already risen higher than ever! The races will start at 09:00 while the finals will take place at 15:00


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