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The Panhellenic Championship of Para badminton in Alexandroupolis was completed

In the indoor gymnasium of the Democritus University, in Alexandroupolis, the Panhellenic Championship of parabadminton was held with the participation of 18 athletes from five clubs.

The event was honored by the presence of the Mayor of Alexandroupolis, Mr. Yiannis Zamboukis, the Deputy Mayor of Sports, Mr. Theodoros Vourdolis, as well as the General Secretary of the Opposition Federation and SG of the National Alexandroupolis, Mrs. Vicky Koinaki. On the sidelines of the championship, the superintendent of national teams of EAM-People with Disabilities, Mr. Konstantinos Siachos had a meeting with the Mayor of Alexandroupolis, who expressed his interest in hosting the championship in the near future, with the financial contribution of the Municipality.

"We would like to thank Mr. Zamboukis for his practical interest in the sport of parabadminton as well as for the desire of the Municipality to stand by the EAM-people with disabilities, in upcoming events. A big thank you also to all those who contributed to the success of the championship, such as Mrs. Koinaki and the clubs Kotinos and Ethnikos Alexandropoulos who helped greatly in its conduct", said Mr. Siachos referring to the championship.
Five gold medals and one silver were won by Herodikos, while second in the medal ranking was Hephaestus of Patras with two gold medals. The third club with three silver and an equal number of bronzes was En Sovati Ygei. They were followed by Panathinaikos (0-3-2) and Kotinos (0-0-1).
The first three(s) per category:
1 Epaminondas Stamatis AS IFESTOS PATRAS
2 Panagiotis Kontogiannis PANATHINAIKOS
3 Konstantinos Katopodis PANATHINAIKOS
3 Nikolaos Gasteratos PANATHINAIKOS
1 Sotiria Charitidou HERODIGOS
2 Efstratios Petropoulos IN BODY HEALTHY
3 Georgios Loukas IN BODY HEALTHY
1 Theodoros Matousidis/Panagiotis Saoulidis HERODIKOS
2 Thomas Aristotelis Karagiannis/Efstratios Petropoulos EN BODY HEALTHY
3 Georgios Loukas/Fotios Defidis IN BODY HEALTHY/KOTINOS
1 Panagiotis Saoulidis HERODIMOS
2 Theodoros Matousidis HERODIKOS
3 Thomas Aristotelis Karagiannis IN BODY HEALTHY
1 Panagiotis Christoforos/Panagiotis Saoulidis PANATHINAIKOS/HERODIKOS
2 Panagiotis Kontogiannis/Theodoros Matousidis PANATHINAIKOS/HERODIKOS
3 Efstratios Petropoulos/Nikolaos Fytros EN BODY YGII/PANATHINAIKOS
3 Nikolaos Gasteratos/Sotiria Charitidou PANATHINAIKOS/HERODIKOS
1 Georgios Papadopoulos/Epaminondas Stamatis HERODIKOS/AS IFESTOS PATRAS
2 Nikolaos Fytros/Panagiotis Christoforos PANATHINAIKOS
1 Georgios Papadopoulos HERODIKOS
2 Nikolaos Fytros PANATHINAIKOS

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