Saturday , 18 May 2024

Fair play

Great move fair play Greek Paralympic champion in Tokyo!

"Fire" has taken the social media, with the great move of Thanasis Prodromos to help the Malaysian athlete, Latif Romly when he was injured in the pit during the 5th attempt.

Foreign media praise the interest and the way in which the Greek athlete operated immediately after the Asian's injury, while showing footage from that moment.

"Respect", "Congratulations", "You are Wonderful", "Big hug from Malaysia", "All the beauty of sport in the movement of the Greek athlete", "Thank you Greece" is only a few of everything that is written and presented in the foreign media about Prodromos.

Congratulations Thanasis. For your ethos and Fair Play. You are a genuine child of the country that gave birth to the Olympic Ideal and Fair Play.

Source, Eaom People with Disabilities

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