Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Impressive Olympic debut and 4th place for Emmanuel Karalis!

Emmanuel Karalis in the short jump, equalling his individual record with 5.80 m, finished in 4th place which is the best that a Greek athlete has ever taken in the event and the second best so far in track and field racing at the Tokyo Olympics after Miltos Tedoglou's gold medal in length.

The Greek jumper, who had clean passes up to 5.80m, put many of his opponents and for a long time was in the medals, having had to exceed 5.87m. the other epithes to take the lead. It was done by Brazilian Tiago Braz and American Chris Nielsen, while Swede Armand Duplendis, who had left the 5.87m, passed with the first 5.92m. and so, Emmanuel Karalis took 4th place.

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