Friday , 12 August 2022

With two European records, the Panhellenic Paralympic Athletics Championships began

Two European records in F64 sharpening and F56 discus and nine national ones marked the premiere of the 2021 OPAP National Athletics Championships hosted at the Kaftanzoglio Stadium in Thessaloniki with the participation of 440 athletes from 49 clubs.

The 2021 European champion, Konstantinos Junis (LSO Macedonia), improved his European record in F56 by three centimetres. His best shot was measured 42.74m. (p. 42.71m in Bidgoz), a performance recorded in the 3rd attempt. Junis had two more attempts over 42 metres, namely 42.19m. (5th) and 42.66m. (6th).

Manolis Yakumakis (Megalonisos), in the 3rd attempt of the F64 sharpening, set a new European record, improving by two meters (and something) the record he held since 27/3/2021 at the Heraklion day. Yakumakis on the 3rd attempt had a performance of 39.76m, while the previous record was 37.70m.

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