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Autopsy of the Disabled Federation at the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis

Following communication between the President of the ESAME I. Vardakastani and the Minister of Culture Lina Mendonis, on the cooperation of the ESAME with the Minister of Culture, I. Vardakastani, the Minister of Culture Culture on issues of accessibility of archaeological monuments and sites, it was decided to set up a joint committee in the ministry, while at the same time the Minister invited the ESAE to an autopsy of the site of the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis.

In response to the invitation, a delegation from the ESA, under the Secretary-General Giannis Lymvaios and the gentlemen and ladies Koutsianos, Theodorakakis, Christofi, Cubarou (GPS mobility trainer), carried out on Thursday 22 April a technical autopsy on the Acropolis Rock, with the aim of assessing the accessibility of interventions already implemented in the area, identifying points of need for improvement and exchanging views with scholars and officials of the Ministry of Culture to ensure safe and equal access for people with disabilities and blocked persons on the Rock, after the completion of the intervention.

The ministry was represented by Minister Lina Mendonis herself, born 1992. Secretary of Culture G. Master, professor in charge of the project of interventions Mr. M. Korre, the competent Curator of Antiquities E. Bandou, the Department of Works of EFAPA M. Lefantzis, the sergeant of the archaeological site Acropolis E. Filippiou and officials of the Ministry. The autopsy was also attended by the representative of the Onassis Foundation, which financed the interventions, Mr. Chr. It's Lilis.

A detailed technical autopsy was carried out and a check of the functionality and accessibility of the space from the public parking of the vehicles on Robert Galli to all the interventions on the Sacred Rock, the mechanical equipment that replaced the old lift, the existing temporary interventions marking the site, as well as the outdoor environment of the old Archaeological Museum at the top of the Holy Rock which is being renovated and will be reused as an exhibition space.

Within the next week, the ESHA will submit institutionally and in writing a comprehensive technical finding and proposals to improve the accessibility of the Acropolis for inclusion in the study of the completion of the work of the interventions in progress, which will be made public.

The Minister thanked the DELEGATION of the ESA, for the immediate response to the call for cooperation, said that the ESA, in its institutional role as an advisor to the State on accessibility issues, will cooperate with the Study Group on accessibility and will be invited to express its opinion on it once it is completed. At the same time, it committed itself to the adoption of a Ministerial Decision establishing a Working Group by officials of the Ministry and the ESA, with the aim of ensuring access to archaeological sites and cultural infrastructures directly.

Both the Minister and the Secretary General of Culture have stated that they look forward to an institutional, continuous and effective cooperation with the ESA, which has the appropriate know-how, so that the design and interventions of the Ministry in the archaeological sites and cultural monuments of the country are fully targeted at ensuring equal access for Greek citizens and visitors of our country who are disabled and generally prevented persons.

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