Tuesday , 17 May 2022

The new limits on the terms of office of the members of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

At its teleconference meeting, the Hellenic Olympic Committee decided to establish limits on the terms of office of the President, the Executive Committee and its members, following the advice of the International Olympic Committee and the trend of the modern sports movement.

In particular, it was decided that the President of the EEE should have the right to a single three terms. Subsequently, if and as long as it does not fall within the age limit proposed herein, he may be a simple member of the Plenary Assembly as a representative of the Sports Federation – a member of the EEE, or in any capacity as an IOC Member. Members of the Executive Board who complete 3 consecutive terms are not entitled to a fourth term. They can return to an executive position after completing a term without being Members of the Executive Board. The above provision does not concern the ILO Member for Greece who ex officio is a permanent Member of the Executive Board, in accordance with the current Statute of the EEE, Article 15(2) of the EC Treaty. 2(b) The calculation of the terms of office of that provision shall start from the term of office 2021-2024. It is also proposed that the loss of membership of the EEE (whether it holds an executive position or not) should occur on 31 December of the year in which it reaches the age of 75. The validity of this provision shall enter into force from 1/1/2025.
These changes to the Statute of the EEE will be put up for approval to the International Olympic Committee, which already complies with the establishment of age limits and will then be sent to the State in order to be voted on by Parliament and added to the statutes of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

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